Hubei Huntide Biotech Co.,Ltd is an innovative manufacturer with focus on  small peptides. These small peptides are widely used in pharmaceutical , cosmetic, food industry, etc.

We have a Research& Development center named Hubei Huntide Biotech Co.,Ltd  with state of the art laboratories in Wuhan Biolake, where new technologies and products are developed. Our team of experts and professionals has over 10 years' experience in the pharmaceutical and/or biotech field on average.

We has also established a production base in Xintan Industrial Park, Wuhan Economic Technological Development Zone, built strictly according to the industrial standards. Our factory has a high standard for all of our products with strict QC and QC procedures in place, laying a solid foundation for our sustainable and on-going development.

We provides a series of diverse products to meet your requirements. These are from building blocks and intermediates to active or functional peptides or peptide derivatives, such as Z-Gly-GLy, a building block and Gly-His-Lys, a widely used peptide for skincare.

We also offer various contract manufacturing services on small peptides and related derivatives to our customers in all areas. These services include process development and optimization, compound and process design, custom synthesis and OEM products of different scales, from laboratory/ pilot stage development work to commercial scale manufacturing of interested products.

.We look forward to working closely together with you for a long time to come.

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